Wish List for February 2015


  • Air Purifier for Car Sharp ion Plasmacluster (product link :  https://www.hartonoelektronika.com/en/sharp-air-purifier-igdc2y.html)

Sharp ion Plasmacluster portable

  • Credit Card Limit 10juta : ANZ Kartu Cicilan     Accomplished 19Maret2015
  • Dine In All-You-Can-Eat Pronto Surabaya   Accomplished 2Feb2015 with Tian… Iga Bakar so Tasty
  • buy birthday present for W , 1 charger + 1powerbank 5000mAh pink     Accomplished bought 1 piece Rabbit doll from Toys Kingdom and 1 piece Powerbank Taff from JakartaNotebook
  • Dine in Sushi Tei Galaxy Mall or Ciputra World , target menu : Kani Mentai , Spicy Miso Ramen, Nabeyaki Udon, snack Matcha Subuan. Chicken Curry      Accomplised 28Feb2015 with Tian
  • Dine in Little Chicken , try menu roasted duck + rice     Accomplished 28Mar2015 with W
  • Dine in Aroma Makassar Dharmawangsa , try menu Konro bakar, Sup Konro, es palubutung + 2 plates of rice   , Accomplished 21Feb15
  • Martabak 93  Terang bulan red velvet Raya Ngesong     Accomplished 19Mar15 with Tian RedVelvel dough + cream cheese +  kitkat


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