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Telkomsel Trainee Program : An Experience

well today I would like to post in English, special in November Rain.

There are 4 stage on this recruitment process :

1. Psychological Test

after 1 week from the last day document submission deadline. It was Pychological Test conducted on 26 November 2013. The test last just 90 minutes, the shortest psycho test I’ve experienced, unlike Astra Group company :) ). It consist of IQ test, Pauli computation, personality. No drawing test ( baum test / drawing a human and tree, or wartegg test / complete the 8 blank box)

2. HR Interview

two days after psychological test, I was undergoing the next stage which is HRD interview,

I enter the room, there were 2 other interview activity simultaneously happened

I met an thirty-something-old maddam ( I wish she were pretty like Mrs. Elvi who presented in the front class yesterday), She is kinda bitchy and in bad mood,

so here the question that I remembered in chronological order

1. Please introduce your self, it would be better in English ?

Me : blablac so on so on

2. Please tell about your family

Me :

after 2nd question actually the old maddam speak bahasa and I reply her using bahasa as well ( I wish I was keeping replied in English despite she spoke in bahasa . So that I was different and had more value)

3. Technology is dynamically changing, how do you keep up ?

4. what ISO certification Cisco as company have ? >> strange question that I havent prepared

Me : I dont know about ISO certification that Cisco posses maddam, but it’s a fortune global company.

5. Are you ready to be stationed in Eastern Indonesia ? In small town of Papua ? have you research about the situation about the town ?

5.How about rejection from your parent when you are eligible and accepted after medical check up ? Do you still take the offer from Telkomsel?

3. User Interview

after three days after HRD interview to be exact on Monday, 2 Desember 2013. An email came to my inbox , stated that I was invited to User Interview in Kantor Telkomsel Area Jawa Bali ,Plaza BRI Basuki Rahmat Surabaya. I was categorized in ICT Network department.

this stage is like undergoing thesis defence. LoL. I spoke to a man who is VP Area Pamasuka ( Papua Maluku Sulawesi Kalimantan , CMIIW) and 1 woman who is HRD of Area Pamasuka.

The  old man ask me “Which one do you prefer, Radio, Datacomm, Coding ?” I said  Data comm.

Why do you choose Data comm, instead off Radio access? I replied, the access techlogy got stuck, no further development beside IP migration.

The old man replied, Now LTE is emerging, why do you said It’s stuck. I am speechlesh.

the interview last about 30 mintues,

here are other questions that came across my mind,

please introduce your self in english,

what is your Final Project ? please explain the result !

You won Smart Hardware contest, please explain your creation/device !

explain about 2G,3G,UMTS, frequency band, modulation scheme,

what is interference

what factor causing coverage, what is the correlation between frequency and coverage?

please explain 7 OSI layer, and where TCP/IP located?

What is your proudest Moment ? >>

the ultimate question, eng ing eng…
are you ready to be station in Jayapura, Papua ?

4. Medical Check up

4 days after User interview on Friday , I got an email again. It said I must attend Medical Check Up tomorrow at weekend and choose either Prodia Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya . Thanks to Mr. Aditya of Tsel rekruitment team for calling me. Sorry I didnt check my gmail inbox so I didnt know that I pass to next stage.

5. Job Offering

Well, 1 week after Medical Check Up, an email showed in my inbox. I must go BRI Tower to sign the contract. As expected before, I got Wireless and Power posisition as trainee, the job location was Sambas, West Kalimantan, 225 km from Pontianak , capital of West Kalimantan province.

We will be immersed in the program  for 12 months. every 6 months every trainee would be evaluated and eventually permanent job offering


as soon as posible I would update when I undergo the next stage

Do you have same experience or were on the same boat with me? Please write comment below


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Bisnis Pulsa Transfer Operator Seluler

dari mana sih asal pulsa transfer ? siap yang jadi suppliernya ?

1. Orang yang kelebihan stok pulsa, seller FJB yg menerima pembayaran produk/jasa dgn pulsa

2. Orang yang jualan kartu perdana dalam jumlah partai. Daripada pulsa bonus dari kartu perdana hangus karena tidak laku, mending ditimbun/ditampung ke dalam 1 nomor khusus.

3. Hasil kegiatan pembobolan server pulsa elektrik. Sang pelaku menjual pulsa (hasil membobol) ke pihak lain dengan cara transfer pulsa. Kasus ini jarang terjadi.


reference :